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Rubber Hose -
Cable Coolant Hose
Oil Suction Hose
Dredging Hose
Chemical Hose

Rubber Hoses for Slurry, Steam, Air and Water Applications. We make a wide range of rubber Hoses for steam, air, gas, water, petroleum, acids, chemicals, slurry and sandblasting applications. The length goes up to 18 meters and diameter up to 400 mm. All hoses conform to British & Indian Standards and can be customized according to the requirements.

Cable Coolant Hose
Cable covering hose specially designed for service in steel mills, glass works, electric furnaces and all fields where a hose resistant to heat radiation or open flame is required.
Construction : Mandrel-built
Cover : Asbestos / Fibre glass
Lining : Smooth, non-conductive
  rubber compound
  Dimensions : Lengths upto 18 meters (60 ft) and
  diameter from 25 mm to 152 mm
Reinforcement : Multiple plies of high strength
  synthetic textile
  Working Pressure : 7 kg/cm2 (100 psi),
  10 kg/cm2 (150 psi)
Oil Suction Hose
Smooth outer cover

Smooth / Rough bore

With or Without built-in nipple or flange

Specifications generally conforming to BSS:1435 / 1987 & IS 8189/1996

 Construction :Mandrel-built  Cover :Black synthetic polymer resistant to weather, oil and abrasion
   Lining :Oil-resistant black synthetic rubber  compound    Dimensions :ID from 50 mm to 152 mm in lengths upto 18 metres (60 ft)
ID from 200 mm to 300mm in lengths upto 9 metres (30 ft)
   Reinforcement :High strength multiple plies of  polyester/nylon fabric with helix wire    Working Pressures :7 kg/cm2 (100 psi)
10 kg/cm2 (150 psi), 15 kg/cm2 (225 psi)

Dredging Hose
For heavy-duty suction & discharge service on dredging operations. Also used in slurry transportation in mines.
   Construction :Mandrel-built  Cover :Black synthetic rubber highly
resistant to sea water, weather and abrasion.
   Lining :Black, Smooth rubber compound for high wear resistance for handling abrasive materials like sand, gravel, slurry etc.    Dimensions :ID from 38 mm to 152 mm in lengths upto 18 metres (60 ft)
ID from 200 mm to 300mm in lengths upto 9 metres (30 ft)
   Reinforcement :High strength multiple plies of polyester/nylon fabric plus helix wire    Working  Pressures :10 kg/cm2 (150 psi), 15 kg/cm2 (225 psi)  
Chemical Hose
Rubber hoses designed to handle suction and discharge of chemicals. These can be supplied with built in rubber / metal flanges.


   Construction :Mandrel-built  Cover

:Black smooth CR / EPDM rubber compound resistance to chemicals, heat and ozone.


:Black synthetic rubber compound in SBR / Butyl / EPDM / Hypolan depending on service conditions.


:38mm to 152mm in length upto18 metres.(60 ft).
200mm to300mm in length upto 9 meters. (30ft).


:Multiple plies of high strength polyester / nylon fabric with wire helix.

:7 kg/cm² (100 psi)
10 kg/cm² (150 psi)

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