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Inflatable Items -
Life Rafts
For saving life at sea. Available in 20 men capacity. As per IMO standards and Naval Specifications.

Life Jackets
For saving of life at sea, supplied with inflatable type and rigid foam type.

Assault Boats
For Army and Navy use. Available in 6,8,10 and 12 men capacities, and with necessary accessories. Designed and fabricated as per the requirements, and with various polyamide fabrics.
Racee Boats, Dinghies, Gemini Crafts
For saving life at sea. Available as per the requirements.
Gas Holder Balloons
Used to ensure small buffer between compressor suction and fermentor incoming gases, i.e. for temporary storage of industrial gases. Made out of polyamide coated fabric with neoprene rubber. Available capacity range from 5 mtr3. To 100 mtr3. Special designs are also available.

White Water Raft / River Raft

Raft is made with 16 men capacity of five independent air chambers. Proved design of inflatable bottom fixed between side tubes offers extra ordinary stability and self bailing function of the bottom.


Inflatable Boat

Inflatable Godown


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