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Steel Mill

Max Spare with its wide range of seal profiles and elastomers is fully capable of serving Iron & Steel Industries.

Taper Roller Bearing Seals -

MaxSpare (Spareage) had developed inner & outer seals for Taper Roller Bearings used in work roll and intermediate roll chocks. AZI & AZZ seals are constructed with a metal insert with rubber covered outer diameter. Spring loaded single and dual lip made out of FKM or HNBR elastomer.

Special seals for different application in steel making process -

MaxSpare is involved in supplying specially developed seals in various applications in different stages of steel making process. Seals for valves, actuators, accumulators, rolling mills, furnace equipments are supplied in different elastomer materials. The size range of these seals are covered upto 2 mtr. in diameter. You can place your trust on MaxSpare for these kinds of special requirements.

Note: The Information given on this page are based on our many years of experience in this field. But still some of the information may vary according to the process applications. Thus maxspare is geared up to cater sealing requirement for new applications.