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Steel Mill

Max Spare with its wide range of seal profiles and elastomers is fully capable of serving Iron & Steel Industries.

The hottest place in the steel making process is in the blast furnace where the seals are exposed to high temperature. MaxSpare (Spareage) had developed the seals for some of the critical equipments used in blast furnace in combination of elastomer and Teflon.

Tap Hole Drilling

The Tap Hole drilling used for tapping the furnace hearth for casting or draining iron and slag down is exposed to extremely high temperature. Thus, replacement of standard sealing system by a special designed seal kit made of teflon & elastomer achieved extension of lifetime of the seal in working condition.

Mudgun Ramming Cylinder

With the combination of Teflon & High Temperature resistance material, seals are developed for robust and reliable working conditions for such high end applications.

V-Packing Set consists of two support rings and two centre rings in Teflon & 3 centre rings in FKM fabric.

Working Conditions
Pressure400 Bar
Temperature-400° C to +250° C
Speed1 mtr/sec

For one of the critical application in coke oven where the reliability is most concern, MaxSpare had developed sealing profile in combination of elastomer and Teflon which achieved a tremendous extension of the lifetime of the seal.


Dismantling equipment and replacing seals is time consuming and therefore expensive. MaxSpare offers its split seal range for such applications which reduces down time and production loss.

MaxSpare had developed Split Seals which enables to reduce down times for replacing the seals with its range of profiles with combination of rubber fabric material.

Continuous Casting

Continuous Casting Plant is operating 7 days a week. Thus required reliability of seals. Shutdown of this process leads to high production losses.

MaxSpare offers high end Rubber & Thermoplastic Material in combination of seal profile which given optimum life of the seals in working condition.

Sealing system for Guide Segment Hydraulic Cylinders in CCP

Working Conditions
Pressure 400 Bar
Temperature -40° C to +250° C
Speed 10 mtr/sec

Note: The Information given on this page are based on our many years of experience in this field. But still some of the information may vary according to the process applications. Thus maxspare is geared up to cater sealing requirement for new applications.