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Steel Mill

Max Spare with its wide range of seal profiles and elastomers is fully capable of serving Iron & Steel Industries.

Development of Topguard: -

MaxSpare is offering customised sealing solution in steel mill according to the requirement and encountering the problems by giving best sealing solution without doing major modification in existing assembly. Below shown design is one of an example of such development.

Development of Sealing Solutions for Backup Roll: -

Above is an example of development in one of the steel mill done by Spareage which had proven the performance and drastically reduced the ingression of coolant into the bearing and had increased the life & performance of an expensive bearing.

Development of Customised Profile: -

Highlights :-
MaxSpare has developed sealing solutions for Hydraulic and Rolling Mills for Steel Industry by offering customized sealing concepts to overcome the existing problems by developing new sealing profiles with suitable material according to the working parameters. The below given seals profiles are some of the examples developed.

Note: The Information given on this page are based on our many years of experience in this field. But still some of the information may vary according to the process applications. Thus maxspare is geared up to cater sealing requirement for new applications.